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Join Dr. Tina Hay, The Soul Doctor®, and learn how you can DETOX your SOUL so you can obtain PROSPERITY and HEALTH without your past sabotaging your future ever again. 


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With the foundational understanding of working with you as a 3-Part Being (Spirit, soul, body), Dr. Tina Hay, the Soul Doctor®, will help you unpackage limitations and/or anchors connected to you from your past, free you from bondage, heal your broken heart, renew your mind, align your soul with your Spirit, and release you into a future of wholeness Father God has designed for you.


Uniquely You

The Bible, our blueprint for living, shows us that if we are willing to go within (3 John 1:2 NKJV) and make our souls the mirror reflection of our Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:18 VOICE), all limitations we have experienced CAN and WILL be removed... if we are willing and ready to align ourselves back to God’s original design.



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What people are saying about Soul Detox

From Manitoba, Canada

Soul detox WILL change your life and your business! It did for me! In the 6 weeks of talking to Dr. Tina my life and business literally transformed before my eyes. Dr. Tina made me feel comfortable right from the beginning and I was able to open up and ask questions I have wanted to, but felt too embarrassed to, ask for many years. I am reading and understanding scripture in a whole new way, a way that makes me excited to learn more! Week after week we peeled back layer upon layer of ‘dead weight’ holding me back from truly walking in the truth of who God wants me to be. To accept the blessings, He has for me in my life! My world has opened up I feel like the possibilities are endless! The homework Dr. Tina assigns every week makes you think, but if you take the time to do it properly the results will be life changing. Do the work. Make the changes. Ask the questions. I look forward to many, many more conversations with Dr. Tina in the future! My husband also thanks you Dr. Tina. -R.P. 

From Texas, USA

I couldn’t possibly say enough about what ... the six-week detox— well, those hour-long calls changed my life forever. I went into the detox at a very low point in my life. Given recent family events, with or even without warning I would find myself absolutely paralyzed by depression, hurt, and anxiety. I’ve never felt so spiritually and mentally weighted, so much that I physically could not pick myself up and carry on like nothing had happened. I did not know how to fight back or where to even start my journey to hopefully overcome such a crippling pain. That is, until I went through this detox. Week by week, Dr. Tina lead me in identifying those barriers that kept me from walking through everyday life and gave me the tools to break those down so that I could live a life without hindrance. We broke down what I was feeling and why I was feeling it and fought it back with the empowering truth that He that is in me is greater and has already overcome every struggle I have or will ever face. Week by week I took up new weapons to fight toward break through and overcome what circumstance might say and speak to that with a chosen response rather than immediate reaction. The detox did not give a temporary answer, it gave me the tools needed to continually fight back and claim my place of reign through my place of pain. It has been months since I completed the detox, and I have yet to reach that crippling place of depression or pain. Not once have I even come close to even feeling threatened by it! Now that is something to praise about! Because of it, I have reached new heights and found a joy I have never known through the freedom God so desperately wants His children to walk in. The soul detox changed my life forever, and I am eternally grateful for the strength, power, and greatness that was called out of me through it that I get to continually and undoubtedly walk in. – H.H.

From Wyoming, USA

I felt the need to go through Soul Detox because of relentless tormenting feelings of rejection and lack of self-worth. Having gone through the modules with Dr. Tina, I felt this was a very important step into setting myself free and entering into the fullness of what God had for me. My father was into witchcraft and the occult to include psychic healing. In the past one or two generations in my bloodline were a serial killer, alcoholism, abortion, KKK, adultery, physical and mental abuse to name the few. I knew there were open doors that needed to be exposed and closed and with an experienced seer and the counseling that you go through in the Soul Detox, it was a God sent appointment for me to be able to walk into a new freedom. I felt very safe, valued and protected in relating my life and past with Dr. Tina. Before going into the Courtroom of Heaven, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to experience or see anything but it was exactly opposite of what I had feared. The things that Satan had a hold on to stop my destiny and my children’s destiny were brought forth, dealt with and covered with the blood of Jesus. I feel delivered, empowered and ready to go forth into the next step God has for me. I highly recommend this program even if you don’t have a tainted generational line as mine, Satan can use any open door, small or large, to cause you to miss out on the fullness of what God has for you. -C.A.

From Montana, USA

Thank you, Dr Tina, for guiding me in the Soul Detox! Where I doubted, you encouraged.  Where I believed lies, you uncovered them and spoke truth!! Those weeks were momentous in me finding emotional healing,  deliverance from generational curses, and even physical healing! Thank you for your willingness to partner with Holy Spirit,  and empower lives! Gratefully, -N.S.

From Alberta, Canada

This was the breakthrough my soul was needing! Dr. Tina helped me  navigate through places of pain that I never wanted to go near, I thought it was all there to stay. There were so many areas of my soul that felt like a prison and through soul detox I was handed the keys to freedom. It has quite literally changed the course of my life. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life to be able to walk out this beautiful healing with God and Dr. Tina, these places of pain, frustration, confusion, self hate, the list goes on and on. It was a deep purging and realized pretty quickly that the soul wasn’t meant to carry such a debilitating weight and if that isn’t taken care of it will begin to flow into so many different areas of your life as it did mine. There are days I still can’t warp my head around the incredible things that have taken place since soul detox! Once I was given the tools, the freedom and fullness of life that we are meant to live in was able to flow freely without hesitation into my relationship with God, personal growth, my marriage and children, Business and it all just keeps going to greater heights! Soul detox will always be the thing that launched me into my God given destiny!  Thank you Dr. Tina, you’re an incredible blessing and wouldn’t be where I am today without you! -T.D.

From Oregon, USA

My decision to invest in myself and the Soul Detox primarily came from a deep desire for breakthrough in life. As a woman, wife, daughter, friend, mom of four and momprenuer, I continued to bump into the limitations that my soul presented. I was moving back into a state of depression, steady frustration and mild defeat. For years I’ve possessed the head knowledge that I am a triune being and that proper alignment is an essential piece to the kingdom breakthrough and advancement I desired. When you’ve lived with certain heartaches and heartbreaks like I have the eighteen-inch journey from head to heart can be and was an absolute beast. My life was beginning to repeat patterns that I refused to agree with. Something needed to be changed and the only common thread that I could see was me. I needed change, I needed breakthrough. Almost immediately after making the decision to go forward with my soul detox an excitement fell over me. Like I was a kid again anticipating Christmas morning. As the day of my first call approached I began to feel nervous. So many fears, concerns and insecurities arose in me. What if nothing changed? What if I was beyond help? What if they think less of me when they see all of me? It was scary to go all in. I knew this was something that I had to push past though. The opportunity for success far outweighed the possibility of failure. I had everything to gain and knew that The Lord had asked if I would go here with him. For me the process leading up to my first call was incredibly powerful and set the tone for my journey. I am only four weeks into this process and hardly recognize the girl I was before. I’ve shed my old way of living and there’s no way I am going back. The people closest to me see and feel the change as well. My children say I am happier, my husband tells me I am softer and more affectionate, and my friends say that they can’t remember the last time I carried such an intoxicating peace. That’s what they feel and say because of my soul detox! That’s incredible to me! My breakthrough and healing is impacting that many people. Not because I’ve tried to impact them, it’s just an overflow of what’s happening within me. I feel a confidence in who I am and who God designed me to be growing. For the first time who I am and who God designed me to be actually feel like one in the same. Blinders have been removed and as a result I see how unlimited I truly am. The depth of relationship and intimacy with The Lord that I am experiencing is incomparable. I feel connected to Him and secure in my identity. Please understand that for me to say that is nothing short of a miracle. My parents divorced when I was a young child and as a result I took the weight of the world upon my tiny shoulders. I thought if I could be everything to everyone then no one would reject or hurt me again. I was wrong. The world was never meant for my shoulders and by trying to pick it up I continually put myself in harm’s way. I was raped and violently abused in many ways. The things I felt comfortable identifying with couldn’t have been farther from the truth of who I am and who He sent me to be. I no longer wrestle with abandonment, insecurity, inferiority, or a fear of man. I know that God hears me, and I hear him. I have a voice and I am using my voice. My life and the lives of those around me have been changed. Generations to come will experience the fruit of my saying yes to the process of this Soul Detox. I can’t thank Tina enough for sharing the gift of who she is and positioning herself alongside me for the amazing breakthroughs I’ve experienced. When someone tells me to set my expectations high I do. It’s not uncommon for me to walk away feeling like I set them too high and was somehow disappointed. This is not one of those times, this process has far exceeded any expectations I could have set. -K.A.


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